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At Addiction Recovery Consulting, we have a team of experts in the field of substance use disorders, counseling, treatment, and recovery from addiction. We offer up-to-date scholarship, evidence-based counseling, and education backed by research. Counseling is available via Telehealth for individuals and families looking for addiction recovery support. Complete the new patient forms and book a session today!


Jessica Swan

Founder & Executive Director

Jessica is a Master Addiction Counselor (MAC) and has extensive experience in clinical addiction counseling, recovery support, addiction research, development, and curriculum writing and reporting for nonprofit and governmental agencies and communities across the nation. She writes for treatment programs, counsels people with addiction and their families, and offers addiction recovery consulting for organizations. Jessica is a national leader and educator in the addiction recovery industry, teaching on the disease of addiction, treatment, and recovery. 


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Stacey McClellan

Board Chair

Stacey McClellan, MSW, has over eight years of crisis-related clinical experience working in hospital and community-based settings. She worked individually with high acuity individuals who had mental health and addiction needs in the inpatient setting. Additionally, she acted as a community liaison between law enforcement, providers, and hospitals to support individuals and families. In her role as a Researcher at OMNI Institute, Stacey works across program evaluation projects, utilizing her clinical and research expertise to support and help improve organizational programs and community systems to meet the needs of the community.

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Kasha Swiatkowski

Board Treasurer

Kasha Swiatkowski has worked at the intersection of behavioral health and the criminal justice system for over 15 years. Through her work with the State of Colorado and community, she’s gathered significant experience in development, fundraising, evaluation and leadership for a wide range of programs. Currently, Kasha provides leadership and development capacity for a state-wide program and serves her community through consulting with people who use drugs, those in recovery and their families.

Bud Longo

Board Secretary

Bud Longo has served in the non-profit sector for over 30 years as a marketing executive, consultant, and volunteer board member. Bud has worked collaboratively with numerous organizational leaders, community stakeholders and colleagues to develop media campaigns and program materials for use in outreach, training, and fund development programs at the local, state, and national level. He has extensive leadership experience developing integrated marketing plans that communicate the mission, vision, and values of organizations to diverse markets across multiple media channels including broadcast, digital and print. His work has earned international, national, state, and regional awards.  He holds a BA degree in History from the University of Montana.

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