What is wrong with you?

Updated: Jan 10

Here's the thing. Frequently the tape playing in my head says... "what is wrong with you?", "what are you doing?", "why did you say that?", "why didn't you say this?", "what is wrong with you?" "what is wrong with you?" "did I mention, I think there must be something wrong with you?"... But the truth is - there is nothing wrong with me. Switching that script is critical to my own loving acceptance of me, and it is not magic that makes that happen. I have the power to hear how I talk to myself (listening and becoming aware of my thinking), and I have the power to challenge that script (telling myself a more accurate story). And if there is something I am doing, feeling, or thinking that I do not like or do not want to accept, I can see it, I can take the time to feel it, and I can choose something new instead. In this manner, I become free. Free from continuing to abuse myself. And I begin to own my power, use my own voice appropriately, and allow others to have their own process, too. Now is always the time to seek freedom.

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