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Updated: Jan 10

Connecting addiction research to practice

In 2018 Addiction Recovery Consulting completed research for the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP). The three year long project ended this year with the culmination of a toolkit on outcomes research and a full report on the outcomes of patients who received residential treatment. We also completed research for the Colorado State Patrol. We looked at Marijuana DUI and completed research on the roadside symptoms of marijuana impairment and blood testing results for Marijuana DUI. We are now expanding our research work and include criminal justice reform issues as well as addiction recovery issues.

Our research arm of Addiction Recovery Consulting, along with private donations, allow us to provide free public education on addiction and recovery. We also complete workshops and education for criminal justice system professionals. As part of our donation drives, we are able to provide discounted services for those that qualify. One of the best things about our research work is that it can directly support our clinical arm, providing insight into the latest scholarship, and giving us direction for how to educate the public and legal community.

We are investing more time into the connections between the three arms of our work and continue to be grateful for our all our funding streams that help us to be a successful organization, providing education, research, and counseling for individuals, families, institutions, and communities.

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