Downtown Denver Relapse Prevention Group

Addiction Counseling Denver Colorado
A focus on living in recovery from addiction and the struggles and solutions in finding one’s path without drugs and alcohol.


Downtown Denver, Southeast of LoDo
The Chancery Building
National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers Office
1120 Lincoln Street | Suite 1303 | Denver, CO | 80203


Thursdays, 6-8pm
Starting - October 6, 2016
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Groups are therapeutic, based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and a Strengths-based Family Approach. This means that there will be times we will include the entire family (when appropriate) in group sessions so that everyone involved in addiction gets the support they need as the individual with addiction recovers. Relapse Prevention groups typically work on issues that people struggle with now that they are in recovery from addiction. This means group is focused on healthier living - understanding triggers, better communication, recovery planning and goal setting, family relationship development and healing, and social engagement skills. Goals for individuals in group usually include: to improve relationships, to cope with daily stress of living without using, to have fun without alcohol/drugs, to eat healthy/exercise/have hobbies. Clients may receive therapy hours toward DUI requirements in Colorado.

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