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With Addiction Recovery Consulting in Denver, Colorado, you will find the support you need to keep you competitive in the addictions field. From addiction recovery curriculum development to addiction education, addiction research, and training, you will find our services backed by professional experience. We will give you with support you need in order to ensure ethical, evidence-based, top quality business practices in the growing addiction recovery industry.

Addiction Recovery Consulting works on a contract basis with addiction treatment programs, the legal community, and other institutions. Rates are negotiated based on the demands of each contract.

Addiction Recovery Consulting is a nonprofit addiction services provider. In addition to our work addiction consulting on a national level, we provide local addiction counseling to families and individuals in the Denver, CO area. Addiction Recovery Consulting is here to improve addiction recovery locally and nationally, for families, organizations, and communities. We also provide clinical supervision for LAC, CACI,II,III, NCACI,II. Rates are negotiable based on individual agreements.

Outcomes Pilot Program

We are currently contracted with The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), running two projects. The National Outcomes Pilot Program (OPP) is a large research project measuring outcomes of addiction treatment programs across the US. We launched the program January 2016 and data collection starts September 2016. We are collecting data from 9 inpatient programs, following over 1,000 patients for one year.

NAATP National Addiction Industry Salary Survey

We are conducting the first industry specific salary survey in four years and expect the results to be out in late fall.

Legal Education

We have several contracts for teaching across the US, including the Juvenile Law Society, Judicial Council of California, and the Wyoming State Bar.

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